Directors and Support Staff


Josie Felda Calera

Director, Music and Children's Ministries

Joel Sarmiento

President, Hope Channel Philippines
Director, Communication Department

Mary Jane Zabat

Director, Education and NSO Departments

Ardie Diaz

Director, Women's Ministries
Associate Director, Education Department

Delba de Chavez

Director, Family Ministries and Ministerial Spouses Association

Jadaza Hintay

Director, Health Ministries

Marvin Diaz

Ministerial Association, Adventist Chaplaincy, NDR-IEL Secretary/ Adventist Mission

Abraham Del Rosario

Director, Publishing Ministries and Spirit of Prophecy

Relino Urbi

Director, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, ASI, and ACS

Gerry Estabillo

Director, Stewardship, Planned Giving and Trust Services

David Morado

Director, Adventist Youth Ministries and AMiCUS

Agnes Ravalo

Associate Director, Education

Armando Ogmar

Associate Director, Publishing Ministries and Literature Ministry Seminary

William Azupardo

Associate Director, 1000 Missionary Movement

Roseller Zamora

Associate Director, Adventist World Radio


Marilou Ardeza

Assistant Treasurer for Planning, Training, and Development

Virginia Cueto

Assistant Treasurer for Retirement and Tax Compliance

Nerio Carranza

Assistant Director, Communication Department, VOP and AWR Luzon Coordinator

Melo Anadem Ong

Assistant Director, Communication for Administration
Official Writer
Administrative Secretary, President's Office


Lilibeth Casel

Administrative Assistant, Advancement and Human Resource Manager

Regina Domini Agno

Administrative Assistant, Legal Officer

Jose Orbe Jr.

Administrative Assistant, Data Privacy Officer


Michael Bosely

Payroll Accountant

Jayson Cabildo

Business Process and Risk Management Specialist

Diovelyn Cajobe

Chief Accountant

Arlene Mildred dela Torre

Receiving Accountant

Kier Andersen Gandalera

Disbursing Accountant

Alfrida Rodelas

Retirement Accountant


Feninah Batulayan

Administrative Secretary to the Treasurer

Marie Antoniette Bautista

Administrative Secretary to the Executive Secretary/HR

Nathalie Aguinaldo

Office Secretary – Ministerial Association/Adventist Chaplaincy/Nurturing Discipleship Retention-Integrated

Evangelism Lifestyle

Carmina Amor Corpus

Office Secretary – Sabbath School/Personal Ministries/Adventist Mission/ Adventist Laymen’s

Services and Industries/Adventist Community Service

Lovelyn Del Rosario

Office Secretary – Publishing

Veona Nor Fallaria

Office Secretary – President/Corporation/ACMS

Alaryn Marci Gamaro

Office Secretary – Communication

Noellen Mae Peritos

Office Secretary – Health / Women’s

Mery An Langcay

Office Secretary – Family Min/Ministerial Spouses


Library/Record Center Assistant

Ellaine Lisette Pernia

Office Secretary – Education/


Rephel Salo

Office Secretary – Mission Refocus/Guesthouse

Evangeline Urbi

Office Secretary – Youth/Stewardship and Planned Giving and Trust Services


Hannah Lyn Baisa

Logistics Supervisor

Miqneya Diolanda

Layout/Graphic Artist

Erwin Ardeza

Logistics and Digitization Staff

Ma. Cristina Morada

Inventory Custodian/System Encoder/Support Staff and Storekeeper


Russel Jay Acab

IT Services Support Specialist

Danilo Bosito

IT Services Supervisor


Alpha Kris Alteros

Production Staff – Hope Channel

Jonas Azas

Production Manager/Set Designer

Kim Jade Adam Baliton

Video Editor

Leo Bolaños

AWR Broadcast Technician

Wilbren Jayce Estrito

Script Writer/Video Editor

Jerry James Imperial

Video Editor

Andy Joaquin

Studio Technician

Dexter Anthony Morada

Studio Technician/Studio Inventory Custodian

Julio Tumarlas



Isaias Azupardo


Johannes Bautista

Health & Safety Compliance Officer/General Services Staff/Office Supplies Purchaser

Edwin Castueras

Electrician/Air Conditioner &Telephone Maintenance/Guest House/Cable TV Maintenance/Audio-Equipment


Gedeon De Leon


Edgar Galicia

Head Security/General Services

Marlo Imperio 

Janitor – Grounds

Meliton Marajas

Maintenance Staff

Exequiel Morada

Messenger/Authorized Driver

Nonelyn Pamor

Guesthouse Caretaker

Joseph Taboclaon



Deejay Cabalbal

Intern, Accounting Department

Jovilyn Jose

AWR, Feedback and Follow-up

Cherry Dominguez

Hope Channel, Feedback and Follow-up

Wilmer Estrito

Hope Channel, Video Editor