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Yuppies Respond to the “Call”

CALLED to follow God and to be involved in the ministry was the theme of the Young Professionals convention held on Aug. 25-28, 2017 at Baler, Aurora. This year also marked the election of a new set of officers, as supervised by the NPUC Youth Ministries Director, Pr. Dave Morado.

January 22, 2019 |

By Jeflyn Rastrollo

About 80 young adults made their way to Diguisit Resort despite the forecast of the oncoming storm, “Jolina”, which became just as providential in keeping them together, both in fellowship and in prayer. While Baler, Aurora is being washed by heavy rains, so are the yuppies’ feet as they took part in the communion service and the agape feast in the opening program.

They were soon joined in by the guest speaker and his wife Mr. and Mrs. Marfeal Santiago, who faithfully endured about 8hrs. travel from Silang, Cavite. How apostle Paul responded to God’s call provided an example to the young professionals as they prepare themselves to the ministry they are being called to be in.

Workshops were also offered there are topics that young professionals find of interest in relation to ministry, such as: social media, finances, relationship, single and dating. The participants from all 7 missions and conferences were dispersed into groups of 5-7 members, giving them the chance to get to know each other more as they seek to be inspired together during the morning and the evening devotional worships.

Balite eco-park, Ditumabo falls and Sabang beach, didn’t miss a visit from the yuppies - the Baler tour complementing the convention, which is also followed by a festive boodle fight among the staff, participants and youth directors at the Baler SDA church-school grounds. The third night provided them the time to recognize the efforts of the organizers, as well as, an opportunity for the much awaited fun and games.

To officially close the convention under incumbent president, Jenica Dizon, representatives from all 7 missions and conferences prayerfully deliberated for the future set of officers for the oncoming years, 2018 to 2019.

Gleslie Juntarciego will soon take the seat as president of the NPUC Young professionals for a term of 2years, commencing next year. (When asked..., Dizon expressed...) Before exchanging farewells, the yuppies didn’t pass up on the opportunity for them to respond
to “The Call” to somehow serve the Baler Adventist Elementary School by helping out in transporting the necessary materials - the cement and the hollow blocks, to the 2nd-storey of the same school building being constructed.

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