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K.I.D. in a Loving Ministry

Thanks be to God that our church truly values our little flock through the Kids in Discipleship (K.I.D.) ministry launched by the General Conference Children’s Ministries Department.

January 22, 2019 |

By Elizabeth M. Marino

In response, Lopez Adventist Church joyfully accepted the K.I.D. ministry after being downloaded by the Chidren’s Ministries (ChM) of North Philippine Union Conference and South-Central Luzon Conference, respectively. Being the ChM leader, I started the advertisement about this new ministry that will cater the young members of the church. It was followed by captivating sermons to encourage parents to involve.

We are really thankful that 12 parents responded to study the 12 lessons for the Footprints for Parents and Mentors (FPM) through small group. The lessons led parents and other mentors on a life- transforming discipleship journey. It was followed by the Footprints for Kids (FK) comprising 24 lessons. This time, 15 children were accommodated in two small groups with their parents mentoring each child to become Jesus’ empowered disciples.

Lessons were simple, yet powerful studies were designed to equip children to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. While the FK is going on, a bright idea was conceived...conducting K.I.D. reaping evangelism. The plan was approved by the church board and Brgy. Manguisan was chosen to be the venue for evangelism. The place had been prepared for one and a half years through Vacation Bible School, Branch Sabbath School and Bible studies. 

The K.I.D. evangelism was conducted on March 28 - April 8, 2017 with the theme, “Children of the Heavenly Kingdom.” It was first of its kind because the children were the main participants supported by their parents and church officers. Alvin Vaile P. Parado, a twelve year- old boy served as the nightly speaker.

Lopez Adventist Elementary School Band led the colorful parade in the barangay which kicked off the evangelistic meetings. Brgy. Chairman Laura Vargas joined the parade with the children of the barangay, Lopez brethren, and the K.I.D. team.

Sixty young boys and girls enrolled in the Vacation Bible Experience (VBX) conducted during the day where they enjoyed the amazing activities of knowing Jesus more. It was also highlighted with the Smack Snack. VBX volunteers expressed the blessings they experienced.

“When God calls, He enables.” It was very true during our nightly meetings where attendees, both young and old flocked to the meeting place with the very young speaker. The team felt overjoyed seeing many individuals who stood during the altar call.

The culmination of the evangelistic meeting took place on the Sabbath, April 8. It was a grand worship and fellowship attended by Lopez church members, parents, interests and candidates for baptism. Dr. Eileen Pasamba of Atimonan Adventist Church served as the Divine Worship speaker while Pastor Romy Fumera of Southern Quezon III district graced the VBX graduation. He also officiated the baptism of 18 precious individuals who accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour.

We praise God for His power, goodness and leadings. Through the services rendered, some parents committed to send their children to Lopez Adventist Elementary School to acquire a Christian Adventist education. They also offered their homes for more Bible study and requested to avail the same services next year.

 Thanks for the K.I.D. ministry! It has equipped and transformed the little flock to be involved in God’s mission.



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The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Handbook. p 49-56. NY: Patient Education Media, Inc., 1996.)

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