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January 2018 |

“They need love and care...”

Ellen G. White emphasized that “When men and women accept the truth, we are not to go away and leave them and have no further burden for them. They are to be looked after” (Ev. 345).

Nurture, Discipleship and Reclamation-Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle department ensures that evangelism is promoted as a lifestyle of Seventh-day Adventist members; that they practice and share the life of Christ daily, and model it in an attractive and contagious ways. It created meaningful programs to help old and new members become true disciples of Jesus Christ. In 2017, NDR-IEL office focused on addressing the needs of churches in retaining members and strengthening discipleship program through the following initiatives:

  1. Reorientation of members on the need to organize care group ministries, an effective instrument for witnessing, enlisting every member of the church in the group, nurturing them towards maturity and a life in Christ

  2. Simultaneous distribution of 2 million Glow tracts to strategic places in the territory amped up by love in action activities

  3. Printing and distribution of 6,000 IEL manuals in Filipino to missions/conferences for CARE group use

  4. 188 trainings on NDR-IEL conducted by mission and conference officers and directors empowering 3,500 CARE group leaders

  5. Union initiated trainings for missions and conferences held on the following dates: March 10-11, NLM and MPM; April 7-8, NELM; August 11-13, PAM;, September 1-2, SLM; and September 9-10, SCLC with an overall total of 882 care group leaders in attendance

“When men and women comprising the church family move together as one through Total Member Involvement Initiative in accomplishing the work entrusted and commissioned by Christ Himself, using Christ’s Method Alone, a fruitful work will be wrought through the mighty workings of His Spirit.”

To date, 848 churches from 767 in 2016 are implementing the program of NDR-IEL through care group ministries. There are 4,163 organized care groups composed of 56,516 members and 1,231 reclaimed church members recorded. Baptism through this ministry has reached 3,554, 3,447 of whom have remained in the church. This goes to show 97% retention rate in terms of baptism.



A. Attained 40% increase of the number of Care Groups from 2,300 existing organized Care Groups.

920 1863 203% Reached

B. Reclaimed inactive church members.

650 1009 155% Reached

C. Established Nurturing Classes in the local churches

400 406 102% Reached

D. Held Seminar on Retention and Nurturing

7 7 100% Reached

E. Conducted NDR-IEL Orientation

7 7 100% Reached

F. Developed and distributed NDR-IEL Manuals and Lesson Materials

1,000 6,000 600% Reached

G. Retained New Baptized Members

100% 97% 97% On Target

H. Implemented IEL CARE Group in churches & companies

500 848 170% Reached

Study the life and character of Christ, and seek to imitate His example. The unconsecrated course of some of those who claim to be believers in the third angel’s message has resulted in driving some of the poor sheep into the desert; and who is it that has manifested a shepherd’s care for the lost and wandering? Is it not time to be Christians in practice as well as profession? What benevolence, what compassion, what tender sympathy, Jesus has manifested toward suffering humanity! The heart that beats in unison with His great heart of infinite love will give sympathy to every needy soul, and will make it manifest that he has the mind of Christ.
. . . Every suffering soul has a claim upon the sympathy of others, and those who are imbued with the love of Christ, filled with His pity, tenderness, and compassion, will respond to every appeal to their sympathy. . . .
Every soul who attempts to retrace his wanderings and return to God needs the help of those who have a tender, pitying heart of Christlike love.

God be glorified for impressing into our minds innovation in evangelism methods, redirecting us to Christ’s Method. Little by little, transformation is taking place in the lives of members who make evangelism their way of life. Care Groups provide an experience of a biblical community where personal and spiritual growth are a byproduct of interactive relationships.

Ready to facilitate and lead! Leaders from missions and conferences receive their certificates after completing their much-needed training for care group ministry and other services

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