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Sabbath School Personal Ministries

By Jose V. Zabat, Jr.

January 2018 |

Where Church and Community Connect throught Christ

The Sabbath School should be one of the greatest and most effectual instrumentalities,in bringing souls to Christ” (Counsels on Sabbath School Work, p. 10). With this thought, the SS/PM/NDR-IEL departments moved to inspire and encourage the members to be strong in faith through the following;

  1. Printing and distribution of 30,000 Believe His Prophets Bible Reading Guide in missions and conferences.

  2. Promoting and distribution of Bible Study Guides for the use of church members.

  3. Continuous airing of Sabbath School Lesson Review in Hope Channel which resulted to an

    increased orders of quarterly lessons from 36,000 to 53,500.

  4. Development and distribution of 2,000 copies of Christ-Centered SS resource manual with readily

    available program ideas for Sabbath School services to meet the spiritual needs of church meberers.

  5. Conducting two sessions regarding the role of SS leaders and secretaries through local field

  6. counterparts and to mobilize them to create plans for non-attending members in Northern Luzon

    and Northeast Luzon.

Praise God for the enduring services of Sabbath School leaders who helped improve the recorded attendance of members from 139,843 in 2016, to 163,477 or 17% increase.

The active members received training on the Effective Strategies of Witnessing for Christ in their community. With the assistance of Personal Ministries, variety of seminars and trainings were conducted in missions and conferences such as:

1. Integrated Institute of Christian Ministries making a record of 65 trainings with 400 participants. 2. Adventist Community Services and VOP training with 150 participants from MPM last May 19-20, and CLC on June 9-10. 3. Festival of the Laity in CLC, NLM, MPM, SLM, SCLC, PAM, participated by 550 lay people.

The trainings were conducted in response to the call of the Church to follow Christ’s Method of evangelism. The establishment of 98 Adopt-A-Barangay Program, a systematic and intentional approach to community service, is the living testimony of the impact of the training.

Two additional ASI chapters were organized with the recorded 60 new members to aid the church’s various programs.

Glory to God for the success of His work and the involvement of the members in the ministries of the church!

Challenges are all around but with God’s mercy, grace and blessing, He made a way to acquaint His people to the plans and purposes He has for them. Let us continue to work hand in hand for the progress of God’s work through Sabbath School and Personal Ministries.

These are God-given opportunities whereby Biblical principles and teachings are integrated in the life of church members leading to an increasing number of members who are attending Sabbath School, and members reading the Bible regularly. It will now be a hub of all church activities that moves the members to get involved in their community, make friends for Jesus, and connect their friends to the church.


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