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Children’s Ministries

By Norlin B. Cadapan

January 2018 |

Kids Are the Future of God’s Church

Children are our future. Children are the church’s future. Time will come when these little ones will assume the leadership roles in the church. Who knows, some of them may become conference administrators, church elders, or perhaps, university’s esteemed professors. When that happens, we would like to see them take on the call, equipped, willing and prepared.

It has been the mission of the Children’s Ministries to nurture the children into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus. Therefore, the leaders and members of the church began with the children of today, making the most of the opportunity to create impact on the kids in the church
and help them become the strong and spiritual leaders of tomorrow.

Every year, during the month of July, our churches hold the Children’s Sabbath to celebrate God’s Gift of Children. It is an opportune time for our kids to hone their talents as they participate in small groups, retreats, camps, evangelism, preaching and community outreach. It’s uplifting to see girls and boys taking the lead in Sabbath worship, from song service to the spoken Word, and to see them in action. Sharing Jesus to their neighbors, giving food to the needy and praying for their just so rewarding.

In 2017, the Children’s Ministries has made numerous leadership trainings and nurturing programs, discipleship

making and resource development for the children and the leaders in line with the world church initiative“Reach the World: Reach Up. Reach Out, Reach Across.”

Leadership Certification and Training

We continue to collaborate with Sabbath School and Education departments in training teachers and leaders on how to use Gracelink, the Sabbath School curriculum for children. Since most of my directors are new in the department, we conducted certification for levels 2, 3 and 4 in missions and conferences, all of which were well attended. Seven certifications were successfully carried out this year.

NPUC-wide Children’s Training Camp

On April 13-16, 2017, during the Lenten season, the department held Union-wide event themed, “Walking with Jesus.” Filled with fellowship, fun and learning experiences specifically tailored for children ages 8-15, the holiday has been made productive and meaningful for those 417 kids and 16 adults from all over Luzon who flocked to the beautiful campus of 1000 Missionary Movement.

With this, the NPUC ChM at the helm, plus the support of my counterparts, this Union-wide program was materialized without a hitch. It was a once-in- every-five-year-program full of new faces, fellowship and camaraderie where valuing acquaintances, building connections and appreciating nature took on a different level. The children delegates, called as Smart Kids in the training camp, were divided into five groups which also served as structure of the breakout meetings--Smart Kids Share the Gospel, Smart Kids Tell about Jesus, Smart Kids Connect to Jesus through Bible Reading, Smart Kids Sing for Jesus and Smart Kids Build Each Other. Meanwhile, parents and guardians attended separate sessions on relevant topics such as: Parenting and Media Challenge, Raising Children to Embrace God’s Designated Gender, How to Communicate with Children, and 10 Commandments for Parenting.

On top of it, plenary sessions were much awaited with Elder Saustin Mfune and Dr. Orathai Chureson, GC ChM Associate Director and SSD ChM Director respectively, as resource speakers. To encourage maximum involvement and active learning, delegates participated in workshops and group dynamics.

During the commitment ceremony, every child received a slipper. They were tasked to find the kid who had their slipper’s partner and they became prayer partners. It was indeed a solemn moment to see children come at the feet of Jesus with a Holy Bible on hand signifying that they would commit to walk with Him until He comes.

This event has made an impact on every child even to parents present. They went home teeming with happy experiences and energized to walk with Jesus everyday.

Kids In Discipleship (K.I.D.)

Kids In Discipleship is a ministry designed for families, focused on children. This year, since our focus is Total Member Involvement, we make it as our priority to conduct training in missions and conferences, and to hold more K.I.D. ministry in the local churches and on-going trainings in various churches around Central Luzon Conference (CLC). Continuing the outgrowing ministry of K.I.D., Josie Felda Calera led the 1st CLC K.I.D. Fun and Friendship Games and Bonding last September 1-2, with the theme, “Kakayanan sa Isports Para sa Dios.” The attendees were parents, mentors and children from various churches. South-Central Luzon Conference, on the other hand, held K.I.D. evangelism at Brgy. Manguisan, Lopez on March 28 - April 8. A 12-year old boy, named Alvin Vaile P. Prado served as the nightly speaker. Through the support of the brethren and district Pastor Romy Fumera, 18 precious souls accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Heaven at Last

On June 2, 2017, the Children’s Ministries Department of CLC initiated a Metro Manila-wide send-off program for kids, 6-15 years old through Heaven at Last held at CLC Cucueco Hall. Each participant wore a crown and a white dress, symbolizing the long-awaited life in heaven. Its emphasis was making one’s life a LIGHT to the world shining in school, at home, or at play becoming intentional of the mission, “Who I am Makes a Difference!” The children were all rededicated to the Lord. They sang the song, “Go, Light Your World” as each held a candle which illumined the hall. The event was sealed with a prayer.

Schools In Discipleship (S.I.D.)

The NPUC Children’s Ministries department participated and supported the Retreat and the S.I.D. event on November 16-17 in Tagaytay City. Attendees were composed of teachers and directors from schools in Metro Manila, all of whom played key roles in bringing the children and the students to the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is my delight to thank the Southern Asia-Pacific Division and all my counterparts in the missions and conferences for their active support and participation. To the “Lover of the Children,” Jesus Christ, we give back the praises!

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