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Global Children's Day

April - June 2019 | North Philippine Union Conference

By Josie Felda A. Calera

Bringing our children into the street is a manifestation of compassion that is primarily demonstrated at home, and is one of the many ways to let them experience practical Christianity. Kindness, benevolence, sympathy, and care are not just merely principles but putting them into action succors each child to realize the real need of the world.

On March 16, many children participated in the Global Children’s Day that is celebrated simultaneously with the Global Youth Day. Children and youth joined forces to bring good tidings of compassion creating an impact to the community through serenading, distribution of tracts, praying, feeding, providing bottled water, telling people that Jesus loves them, giving fruit in exchange of cigarette and many more.

Global Children’s Day 2019 themed “Be the hands of Jesus” motivates children to represent Jesus’ healing, teaching, and ministering to people. As young as they are, an impact can be generated by leaving a mark in the people’s heart - showing simple but sincere act of thoughtfulness.

Having said that, Kaunlaran Center Church Children Ministries especially the primaries, juniors and earliteens with some volunteers and parents took part of this event. A distinct celebration commenced with a devotional – a Bible story portraying a hand that represents Jesus. Children were delighted to place colors on their palms and post them, exclaiming that they can really do it being the compassionate hands of the Savior. Go, Care and Do (GCD) led them to reach more children and adult for heaven.

At the outset, the group visited Bahay Sandigan and Bahay Pag-asa in Barangay Longos, Malabon City, a shelter for children ages 10-18, and benefited 36 children. They rendered music, taught songs, prayed and told a story. Then, children are given a coloring book and a box of crayons to color each page creatively. Sumptuous meal and an orange fruit were served which made the whole event remarkable. After these two important residential care homes, children proceeded to a barangay where more varied services were offered. This is a place of less fortunate and marginalized families in Sawata 3, Barangay 28 C-3 Road, Dagat-Dagatan, Caloocan City. Children fed, serenaded, distributed tracts, prayed, gave an orange fruit in exchange of a cigarette and told everyone that Jesus loves them.

YES, I can do it!

It is child’s powerful statement to tell the world that he or she could do things for God’s glory! Many times, we underestimate the capabilities of a child but this Global Children’s Day proves that in serving the community age doesn’t matter! A lot more a child can do – to become instruments in sharing God’s love and courageous enough to hasten His soon return! Yes, children are just ordinary but God uses them to do His extraordinary task!

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