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SLM Participates in a Century of Family Ministries

NEWS REPORT By Levi B. Perdon

April - June 2019 | North Philippine Union Conference

Southern Luzon Mission (SLM) showed support and participation in the worldwide centennial celebration of the Adventist Family Ministries.

The Family Ministries department organized six family camps where families of different churches could join and experience a different encounter with God, have a wonderful fellowship with other participants, and affirm their commitment to God.

Adopting the worldwide theme, “Strong Marriages, Strong Families, Strong Churches for Jesus,” activities geared on strengthening family relationships such as family worships, team building, breakout sessions, games, and plenary sessions. In one camp held at Zenith Farm, Tigaon, Camarines Sur, 150 registered and more guests came every day. Before the camp, many of the family participants organized their own care groups and they met regularly for fellowship, sharing and Bible study. They have established a closer relationship as the meetings were going on, going deeper into some personal testimonies and reflections about the subjects discussed. When they invited their cared friends to the camp, they received a positive response confirming their participation.

Special guest was Dr. Orathai Chureson Saw, director of Family Ministries of Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) and wife of SSD president. She served as speaker in the plenary sessions and Sabbath worship.

“I affirm every family present today for your commitment in strengthening your families and reaching other families for Christ. Remain faithful to God and get fully involved in various ministries according to the gifts and talents God has given you. Remember that every family is important to God,” Mrs. Saw emphasized.

One participant was Cedrick, a 12-year-old boy who happened to attend the Power of One event for young people held in the same place a week before the family camp. He went home thinking about inviting his grandmother to the family camp. Cedrick got baptized at the youth camp and beaming with joy, he shared about Jesus with his grandmother and he urged her to join him the following week.

“When I shared about my different experience at the Power of One camp, I felt a burning desire to invite Lola and I am very happy that she gave me the favor without hesitation. I know that she will also enjoy and learn more,” Cedrick shared his testimony.

At the end of the family camp, Cedrick‘s grandmother joined the other 54 individuals who accepted Jesus as their Personal Savior and were baptized.

“I joined my grandson at the camp because I also want to see for myself the excitement he experienced and I have proven it true. I learned about his new faith and now, I am very happy and blessed that I belong to God’s family,” Cedrick's grandmother said.

Children, youth, and couples joined the breakout sessions and they had separate activities. Leading them were Pastor and Mrs. Arnel Gabin, Mrs. Delba B. de Chavez, and Mrs. Norlin B. Cadapan.
All of them are department directors of the North Philippine Union Conference. They delivered subjects that discuss matters on building relationships, parenting, positive self-esteem, and stories for children. They also led some games and interactive activities.

As a result of the Total Family Involvement, 54 new believers were added to God’s end-time family waiting for the soon return of the Lord Jesus and 50 families renewed their covenant with God to rebuild family altars and to lift Jesus Christ in their homes.

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