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April - June 2019 | North Philippine Union Conference

Health on Wheels

Batangas City Adventist Church offers free medical and dental services to the people of Batangas city through Health on Wheels.

The health program aims and hopes to reach the people through service and evangelism by providing free medicine, checkup/ consultations, dental services, and information about health concerns through lectures on NEWSTART and healthy lifestyle.

For the 10th time of their services, they held it at Batangas City plaza. More than 130 people benefited from the health expo where patients with concerns and were in critical conditions were endorsed to the municipal office that will aid in their medical needs.

The project, together with the help of the urban center of influence, the ‘Eat and Be Well’ vegetarian restaurant helped in building a connection and a relationship between the church and the city government.

The Health on Wheels initiative helps reach people from other denominations, including health and medical practitioners.


81 New Believers Added to God’s Fold

The churches of Taguig district united in sharing the love and salvation of Jesus to the people
in their territory. They offered their assistance and support by inviting friends and relatives in the nightly meetings. Five speakers shared the gospel to all people and many of them showed interest in the deeper study of God’s word. At the end of the meetings, 81 people surrendered their lives to the Lord and received the ceremony of baptism.

Special thanks to the district pastor, church officers, speakers, members and the loving support of Central Luzon Conference for providing financial support that helped the evangelistic campaign smoothly sailing.


Malaban Adventist Church Gives Bahay Pag-asa The VBXperience

Children are an important and valuable part of God's Kingdom. At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” Jesus called a little child to him, and placed the child among them (Matthew 18:1-5). Then in one instance, Jesus said to His disciples, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these... And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them (Mark 10:13-16).

Extending Jesus’ love to children, the department of Children’s Ministries of Malaban Adventist Church, headed by Sis. Carbonel rendered Vacation Bible School Experience (VBX) to the orphans living at Bahay Pag-asa in Biñan, Laguna on May 24-28, 2019.

Volunteers of the church, old and young, spent their personal time showing love to orphans, teaching them to sing, telling them stories, giving inspiration and hope to their stay in the orphanage. The children enjoyed learning different lessons during the five-day experience. Lessons presented consist of: being different, being faithful, forgiving, serving, and giving. One child shared her feeling of happiness and hope saying, “Nais ko pa makilala ang aking Panginoon” and she would look for a Seventh-day Adventist Church so she would be able to continue finding the hope she was looking for. VBX acknowledged 76 children 9 years old and below who graduated. They received gift bags containing school items, clothes, and more.

Bahay Pag-asa is a property of the government of Biñan whose purpose is to give children shelter, hope, and home.

Marriage Enrichment

Marriage Enrichment is one of the initiatives of the NPUC Family Ministries that fortifies the relationship of couples and motivates them to reach other couples for Jesus Christ. On June 7-8, 2019, the Family Ministries department through Mrs. Delba B. de Chavez led the training for 26 couples composed of pastors and directors with their spouses.

“We aim that our couple-participants will experience the activities themselves so that when they go back to their respective assignments, they can also lead the same. It is the thrust of the Family Ministries to inspire and encourage Adventist couples to reach fellow couples so that they, too will have a deeper encounter with God and enjoy their marriage life to the fullest.

The Marriage Enrichment training is in line with the 100th celebration of the Adventist Family Ministries, with the theme, "Strong Marriages, Strong Churches, Strong Communities for Jesus.”

Meanwhile, 13 couples participated in the Caring for Marriage Retreat led by Pastor and Mrs. Howard Faigao, retired Publishing Director of the General Conference. It was held in San Pablo City, Laguna and resumed at Meaco Hotel in Batangas City. The retreat gave each couple new reflections, renewed faith, and exciting partnership both in their personal lives and also in the ministry. Affirmation of vows climaxed the event, each couple committing their marriage to the Lord, the Author of love and relationship.



Southern Luzon Mission Mission-wide
NDR/IEL Training

To enhance and empower the leadership and involvement of pastors and care group leaders, the NDR/IEL conducted Mission-wide training on June 27-28, 2019 at Naga View Adventist College. Participants were pastors, CG leaders, administrators, office staff, and church members. Dr. Bienvenido C. Mergal, Vice-President for NDR/IEL of SSD and Pastor Jose V. Zabat, Jr. SS/PM Director & NDR/ IEL Coordinator of NPUC presented subjects such as Mentoring CG Leaders, Discipleship, Connecting with Power, Nurture and Retention, and CG Leaders’ Duties and Responsibilities.

One of the highlights is the direction setting of Care Groups led by Pastor Eliseo R. Garrado, SLM President.

“Our plan for SLM territory is to make care group the only vehicle for mission involvement of all members and so we need to equip
each care group with know-how and health equipment to deliver effective and fruitful service in the community," Pastor Garrado announced.

Pastor Renante F. Bareja, SS/PM/NDR-IEL Director of SLM conveyed his gratitude for the support of SLM leadership and local churches.


Batangas City Church ACS Team Undergoes
Fire Brigade Training

As an active partner of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in disaster reliefand response, members of Adventist Community Services (ACS) of Batangas City Seventh-day Adventist Church went through mandatory training for fire brigade volunteers.


Steps to Christ: Steps to Happiness

Jelome Rose D. Cabaluna is a BS Accountancy graduate from Manila Adventist College who dreamed of being a part of the SULADS ministry. SULADS stands for Socio-economic Uplift, Literacy, Anthropological and Development Services and is actually a Manobo word that means, “brother/sister.” SULADS is a non-government organization whose mission is to reach out in service to unreached indigenous peoples of the world, providing them with formal and non-formal education designed to alleviate illiteracy, poverty, and disease, while promoting social awareness, giving due respect to local traditions, beliefs, customs, aspirations, and interests, so that all may see the value and beauty of their cultural heritage and way of life as purposed by their Creator.

It aims to educate both old and young people in remote locations about health, hygiene, agriculture, civic responsibilities and of course, God’s love and grace.

Jelome found out about SULADS when she was in high school and right then, she vowed to join the ministry right after college. She thought then that her purpose was to serve her fellowmen, her country, and her God. After graduation unlike what she promised, she worked in the corporate world. Now she thought that maybe the missionary life was not meant for her and rationalized her decision by thinking that she could use the money she was earning to help the mission. She also further justified her choice by thinking that they may have no use for an accountant in the field and that they needed more medical workers than a professional like her. For three years, Jelome on her quest on trying to find joy and fulfillment in her career ended up working for one company to another. It was then that she remembered the vow she made in high school.

Last April 22, 2019 she started her SULADS training. Right after which, she was assigned to a place in Sultan Kudarat called Tingtingan, Lagubang, Senator Ninoy Aquino. They have to hike for three to five hours before they could reach their designated community – the tribe of Manobo Dulangan. Still she couldn’t believe the sense of fulfillment and happiness she had only after one month of working for the ministry. Something she never found working in the corporate world for three years.

The SULADS ministry also gave Jelome the opportunity to be a part of one of their arm ministries, the Deaf Ministry which aims to teach sign language to the deaf members of the minority. Jelome believes that sign language is an effective instrument that can be used to reach out to more of our brothers and sisters and then lead them closer to God.

While working in the mission field, Jelome has never been happier. She now believes that no amount of money can ever equate the joy that she possesses with Christ and in doing His work.


Missionaries Teach 44 Children in BSS

Two missionaries of Malaban Adventist Church led the two-week Branch Sabbath School (BSS) for 44 children in Wawa, Biñan, Laguna from June 5 to June 22, 2019. They taught them songs, Bible stories, and prayer.

“We are blessed with the experience of introducing the Savior into the
lives of the little children. The parents of the kids were very grateful for the lessons their little ones learned and they requested to do the program again,” conveyed the missionaries.

In this world of materialism and technology, BSS is a good activity of the church to teach children about Jesus and His love. The stories and lessons learned will help them cope with life’s challenges even at their very young age. The memory verses will feed their minds with positive thoughts, and the activities they experienced will encourage them to practice unity, cooperation, and friendship.

On their closing or graduation day, they showed joy in their faces as they sang songs, recited memory verses, prayed, fellowshipped with one another, and received their certificates


Disciples’ ACTS

The Ministerial Association of Central Luzon Conference's (CLC) launched
a Church Planting Support System seminar for pastors and church planters. Significantly, the seminar aimed to train participants in the area of discipleship. It would address the concern of nurturing and keeping members especially the new believers in the faith.

Twelve trainees joined using the
ACTS program's module 1. ACTS stands for Assess, Coach, Train, and Support. Participants expressed their gratitude for learning new strategies and ways to deal with their members that they may grow in their relationship with God and fellow believers, and they may also disciple others for Jesus.

The seminar was held in Baler, Aurora.


Music Ministries Seminar-Workshop

The Music Ministries of South-Central Luzon Conference (SCLC) hosted a seminar-workshop to all music leaders from Mindoro, Quezon, Batangas, and Laguna. The seminar aimed to help improve praise and worship in congregational music, accompaniment, music ministry, and song leadership.

Part of the seminar-workshop was producing new scripture songs. Writing and composing new songs, as well as song leading and vocal production which are very important in training music leaders.

The seminar topics and worship activities were led by Norlin Cadapan, Elizabeth Fofue, Abigail Pajuelas, and Rex Rovel Altoveros.

SCLC plans to continue the program for churches and establish the Music Ministry Association.


Spreading Hope for Families

Members of Olongapo Seventh- day Adventist Church joined the Family Hope Impact led by the Sabbath School department where they sent out the booklet Hope for Today's Families into four different places at Olongapo City.

The event began with Divine Service led by Pastor Marlon M. Sacdalan. According to the pastor, the readings contain God's plan and the gospel to let the readers know the importance of family and through this book, they will know who God is. The program ended with a testimony of volunteer members in this activity.


AMCM Combats Diabetes

In continuation of its battle against lifestyle diseases, the Adventist Medical Center Manila (AMCM) held a free seminar where specialists discussed the complications of diabetes on the reproductive system.

Dr. Bibly L. Macaya, AMCM resident urologist led the discussion on the complication of diabetes to the male reproductive system – Erectile Dysfunction. Dr. Irma R. Magnaye, AMCM resident OBGYNE, explained the complications of diabetes to the female reproductive system which is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome more commonly known as PCOS.

The doctors tackled the importance of addressing these concerns right away and gave tips on how these illnesses may be avoided. The professionals highlighted the importance of keeping a healthy diet. Lifestyle and diet are one of the major causes of many diseases nowadays, including diabetes.

Dr. Linda L. Varona, AMCM Lifestyle Medicine Department director encouraged attendees to avail the upcoming seminars, especially for those facing health issues.

This program of AMCM aims to achieve complete health improvement and is held every last Monday of the month in the hospital’s function hall where free blood sugar testing is also provided.


A Hundred Years of Faith

June 21, 2019 marked the 100 years of existence of Calamba Seventh-dayAdventistChurch. OnJune21,1919,PastorVictorio Arevalo led the establishment of the church and since then up to this year, the church has enlisted 1,538 members. Today, 316 are active and involved in church activities.

Around 600 joined the celebration including guests and members of other churches such as Burgos, Canlubang, Palo Alto, Mabuhay City, and Cabuyao. With the theme, "Celebrating God's Leading for 100 years," they rejoiced for God’s goodness
and guidance. Calamba Seventh-day Adventist Church has produced professionals, leaders, and successful people who have established a very good legacy and have been used by the Lord in reaching other people for Christ.

Part of the celebration was recognizing the 44 members for their valuable contribution in serving the Church for more than 25 years. Among them are Lily Lanzanas, 90 years old and one of the oldest members, and her brother retired Justice Enrico A. Lanzanas,

82 years old. Both of them gave the church prestige and good reputation. Justice Lanzanas shared his testimony about how the Lord blessed the church and how he was blessed as well. Further, he gave pieces of advice to the members, especially to young people.

“We should believe, have faith and obey God’s commandments. Our work and services should be based on our faith,” Justice said.

The youngest member, Care Calaminos Bongat expressed his gladness in celebrating 100 years and for every youth like him, he said they should be active in serving the church of God.

Calamba SDA Church believes that it is God who led them, that's why they are still here after a hundred years.


Palawan for Christ 2019Reaps 145

Who would not be thankful for the 145 new believers brought to the feet of the Savior as the result of Palawan for Christ themed “Our Great Hope Today”? Yes, the speaker Pastor Vic Louis Arreola III was the first to rejoice. His team and the church members joined the celebration because their efforts were not in vain.

More than 300 people from all over Metro Puerto attend every night at Puerto Princesa City Coliseum. The meetings featured messages on: Hope for the Future, Jesus is Coming,
Jesus’ Death and Resurrection, Judgment, Rest Day, and other Bible truths. Dr. Blecenda M. Varona presented lectures on healthy lifestyle to battle health issues and concerns such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and other diseases.

Through the work of the Holy Spirit, 145 accepted Jesus and were baptized. Due to the success of the evangelistic effort, Palawan Adventist Mission plans to build two churches for the new brethren of the church where they will be cared for by the care groups and other members of the church.

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