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Discipling Church Members for Publishing Mission

April - June 2019 | North Philippine Union Conference

By Mario R. Pallaya and Abraham M. del Rosario


The Publishing Ministries department of the North Philippine Union Conference plays an important participation in discipling members of the church to keep them in the growing relationship with Jesus and inspiring them to make other people disciples of Jesus, too.

Ministry Overview

Discipling Church Members (DCM) points to the threefold focus: School-based (Universities and Colleges), Church-based (Church Leaders) Work-based (Adventists in the Work Place). Through these three conduits, DCM seeks to resurface the gist of biblical truth that God created humanity to serve and mind for creation. This makes “work” a sacred calling. It is on this foundation, called the Great Commitment that the Great Commandment is lived out and the Great Commission is carried out.

School–based (Universities, Colleges, and Academies)

God is calling His people to rediscover the biblical truth and the Spirit of Prophecy that all work, done to the glory of God, is holy. This truth needs to flow out to Adventist institutions at all levels and to support the publishing ministries as an entering wedge to pave the way for the gospel.

Church–based (Church Leaders)
Pastors and church leaders are the watchmen for the local congregation. By reexploring the biblical truth of the priesthood of the believer, the local church unleashes the energy of every believer as light and leaven in and through the community.

Work–based (Adventists in the Workplace)

Many of the church members are involved in the workplace through business, education, and/or government. Determining how God invited us to serve, followers obtain new insights on how to share our Adventist literature 24/7.

DCM is planned to be part of the efficient groundwork of the local church. Through the provision of tools
and training, churches equip their members to impact the community and workplace by sharing Adventist literature. The holistic program encourages every believer to know how God makes them live out their faith 24/7 at work. As a church has men’s ministry or women’s ministry, the local church can now have a DCM ministry.


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