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Europe for Jesus: Sharing the Passion and Bringing the Message of Hope to the People

Responding to the call of spreading the gospel to all the world, the team Europe 4 Jesus (E4J) came to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro to lead the evangelistic seminar entitled “Peace in the Midst of the Storm” on August 8-17, 2018.

March 2019 |

By Angie Mendoza

As an expression of hospitality, the host district greeted the visitors with the musical band of San Jose Adventist School while each member of the team received a welcome garland.

“We feel so at home having this kind of a very warm accommodation. The people in Mindoro are warm, kind and hospitable. We are sure we will have a wonderful time here,” commented a group of young visitors.

In cooperation with the North Philippine Union Conference (NPUC) and South-Central Luzon Conference (SCLC), the team worked in the sites prepared by South Occidental Mindoro (SOM) 1 and two districts under pastors Regan Trajeco and Jebred Celino. The E4J is a 47-member team consisted of volunteer families and youth who came from different countries like Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, and France. The members were assigned in seven different sites in San Jose: Bubog Gymnasium, Relocation Site, San Roque 2, Caminawit, Pag-asa, Barangay 5, and Eaglesville. Each site took 5-7 members who alternately spoke every night.

"We are the Europe 4 Jesus, and we have the passion to share and bring the message to the people

in this generation," Team leader, Dr. Jan Harry Cabungcal remarked during the orientation meeting.

The team also conducted jail ministry during daytime, for bible study and health seminar. More than 50 accepted Jesus and were baptized at the end of the seminar.

Every night, there was an average attendance of 50-100 people in each site. Brethren from different churches gave their full support to the evangelistic effort. Through the care group ministries of their respective churches, they were able to prepare their friends for the reaping evangelism.

Pastor Arnel Gabin, NPUC coordinator for foreign evangelism led the regular rounds to the sites. With him were Pastor Lemuel Fadriquela, SCLC ministerial secretary; Pastor Neptale Fofue, SCLC Communication Director; and Pastor Experejon Fegalan, SCLC health director.

Heavy rains, strong winds, and unstable electricity did nothing to stop the nightly meeting. Earnest prayers contributed to the order and success.

"Heavy rains started to pour down, and the site started to flood. So I asked everyone to keep silent and bow their heads for prayer," Sis. Anett, one of the speakers in Relocation Site, Bagong Sikat, said with a big smile. On Sabbath, August 17, a total of 396 new believers accepted Christ as their Savior in the baptism held at JTV Resort, Bubog, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. Pastor Pascual Panaglima, SCLC president, led the baptismal ceremony. There were still many who were not baptized but they continue the Bible study series.

"We believe that the Holy Spirit moved the hearts of the listeners to accept God's truth, love, and promise of salvation," Pastor Trajeco said.

In the afternoon, the E4J team expressed their gratitude to the people who supported them throughout the event.

"All I can say to all of you is to be strong in the faith that you have accepted. Never give up, for Jesus is returning soon," Chris Tolentino said in his farewell.

"We hope we could return to San Jose someday. We will gonna miss this place,” many of the team members expressed.

Johnson Celestre, youth elder of Bagong Sikat Adventist Church was emotional in his parting words, "We would never forgetE4J team because what they did is our inspiration and we are more encouraged to move forward in faith and be more zealous in becoming involved in the Lord's work."

To God be the glory for the victory of His ministry!

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