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Stewardship and Trust

Stewardship is discipleship

Stewardship ministry is helping the individual to live  a life of constant obedience to the will of God. It is not raising money for the benefit of the church, it is developing people for the kingdom of God.

Biblical discipling is the art of shaping the life of an individual into growing partnership with God. It begins with assurance of salvation through the acceptance of the Gospel, and then continues integrating Christ's lordship into every area of daily life.

A disciple is one who walks with, learns from, and lives in submission to a master in order to become like the master.

Stewardship described through discipleship is, therefore, the lifestyle of one who has a living relationship with Jesus Christ, accepts His lordship, walks with God, and works in partnership with Him, acting as His agent to manage His affairs on earth.

Mission Statement

To actively support the Church's mission (to make disciples) through spiritually revived and faithful stewards.

Vision Statement

Facilitating the growth of a spiritual community of faithful Adventist stewards. 

Areas of Emphasis in order to fulfill the Mission and Vision of this department

  1. Spiritual Renewal – must form the foundation of Stewardship thrust. Since stewardship involves the entire person living in a growing partner with God, any strategy must build on spiritual renewal. The Department will encourage and foster materials to aid in the spiritual growth of individuals as well as the corporate body.
  2. Organization Renewal – is also an important area of emphasis for the department. Confidence in leadership and the church structure has a direct impact on individual stewardship.
  3. Personal Life Management – Stewardship must be integrated into every area of life. Thus personal and total life management are areas which the department of stewardship seeks to strengthen the resource.
  4. Christian Money Management – Peoples’s use of money is a reflection of their walk with God. Thus, the biblical principles of money management are important part of integrating the lordship of Christ into this critical area of life. The department of stewardship will continue to develop materials to help in the are of biblical principles for management.

Seventh-day Adventist Financial Support Plan – The department of Stewardship will continue to assist the administration in tithe and offering education through materials to support the implementation of the Seventh-day Adventist Financial Plan, including the One Offering Plan.

Responsibilities of Stewardship Department

The department of Stewardship is in charge with the following responsibilities to the administration:

  1. Initiate strategic planning
  2. Train the Union, Mission/Conference stewardship departmental leadership in the principles of and practices, as well as teaching and training methods.
  3. Coordinate the stewardship Certification for training directors, pastors, and local church leaders in consultation with unions and missions/conferences, including certification curriculum.
  4. Prepare education materials annually, including materials on the usage of tithe and offerings.
  5. Participate with the church leadership in developing strategic objectives, goals, plans, and budgets to advance the mission of the church.

Our beliefs

Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are meant to permeate your whole life. Growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of God, you are invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us whole.

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