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Stewardship and Trust

Stewardship Compliant Education Strategy

The Stewardship Department of the North Philippine Union Conference is committed to push the realization of its vision that every church member will be having the habit of putting God first in every area of life. This vision is being realized through its mission to help leaders and members develop habits necessary for spiritual growth and faithful stewardship.

The department has been working on but not exclusively, on the task of promoting [1] The Lordship of Christ into every area of life, [2] encouraging faithfulness and [3] creating a missionary mindset through financial stewardship, using the stewardship compliant education strategy. Through the Stewardship Compliant Education strategy, the spiritual discipline of church attendees was enhanced and the relationship with God was strengthened thus the number of givers grows. Personal Bible study and prayer and attendance and involvement in church activities were encouraged.

Through the stewardship convention that was held in PAM, NLM, and SCLC, we discovered through the personal testimonies of some of the brethren what stewardship education had done in their lives. Stewardship compliant education was very effective in developing members to become givers.

Here are the combined results of the mission and conferences stewardship compliant education:

There were 77 churches that received stewardship compliant education. Before the stewardship compliant training, 7 churches had a total membership of 7,407 but sad to say out of this number of membership only 3,822 are attending. In other words, only 51% are attending, and the givers are 2,805 equivalent to 73 percent of the attending members are givers.

But after a period of 12 months of stewardship compliant training that is done once every quarter, the membership slightly increased to 7,888; the attending members increased to 4,537 which is equivalent to 57 percent of the attending members, and the givers increased to 3,994. This means that 88 percent of the attending members are givers. This would also mean that 42.38 percent increased in givers.

In terms of revenue, these 77 churches, before the start of stewardship compliant training have a total tithe income within 12 months of P26,687,101.61 but after the 12 months of stewardship compliant training, tithe increased to P33,230,373.08, an increase of P6,543,271.47 which is equivalent to 24.52 percent.

In terms of offering, the 77 churches, before the start of compliant training had a total offering income within 12 months of P3,360,646.07, but after the 12 months of compliant training, offering increase to P6,021,401.46, with an increase of P2,660,755.39 which is equivalent to 79 percent.

If only this program will be carried out of all pastors there would be an abundant increase in tithes and offerings and givers will be developed for the glory of God.

Special thanks to our Union, Mission and Conference administrators and Stewardship directors for their wholehearted support in the field of stewardship. God bless us all!

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