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“The church {as God’s household} is God’s appointed agency for the salvation of men. It was organized for service, and its mission is to carry the gospel to the world” (Acts of the Apostles, p. 59). Everyone in the family has a work to do—elderly members, those in the prime of life, the youth and children – each can lead individuals and other families to a saving relationship with our Lord and Savior.

Some highlights showing how Family Ministries impacted lives through Discipleship and Service, which eventually led to Fruit-bearing...


For 2018, Pr. Nicolas Francisco, Family Ministries director of Central Luzon Conference focused on the five areas of concern, namely: 1.) Spiritual Life of Every Adventist Family; 2.) Social Relations in the Family; 3.) Marriage; 4.) Family – An Evangelistic Center; 5.) Preparation of Adventist Families for Involvement in Reaching Families forChrist 2019.

Pr. Francisco and wife Ana conducted/ assisted the many of districts and churches in the CLC territory in the following activities: Family Camp - 4; Family Retreat – 6; Organization of Adventist Couples Circle – 4; Organization of FM District Association – 14; Organization of FM Federation – 2; Seminar on Healthy Family Lifestyle – 26; Area Promotion and Consultation – 6.

Marriage Enrichment/Affirmation of Love

SCLC Family Ministries director, Elizabeth Fofue conducted five Marriage Enrichment Seminars, assisted by her husband, SCLC Communication director Pr. Neptale Fofue. A total of 34 couples benefitted from the seminars in the following venues: Real SDA Church in Quezon on February 24, 2018 (4); Infanta SDA Church in Quezon on July 7, 2018 (5); Gasan SDA Church in Marinduque on October 13, 2018 (10); Mabuhay City SDA church on October 28, 2018 (10); and at Utod district Family Camp on November 1, 2018 (5).

During the year, districts and churches in Southern Luzon Mission desiring to enrich the marriages of the members held Marriage Enrichment Seminars and Affirmation of Love Ceremonies in Burias 2 and Bacon in Sorsogon; Partido and Tigaon in Camarines Sur. Gubat SDA Church in Sorsogon had a Family Camp -- a spiritual refreshment for families.

Basic Leadership Certification Program

In SCLC, a total of 44 Family Ministries leaders and advocates from 5 different provinces namely: Oriental Mindoro (13), Southern Quezon Tri-District (2), Cabuyao District (18), Los Banos District (5), and in the tri-district of NORM, COM 1 & 2 (6), completed the FM Basic Leadership Certification Level 1 Seminar program in 2018. Delba de Chavez, NPUC Family Ministries director awarded pins and certificates during the Completion Ceremony held at the Jose & Eliseo Bautista Hall, SCLC Headquarters.

90 Family Ministries leaders from the 18 districts of Northeast Luzon Mission gathered at NELA College Multipurpose hall on August 10-11, 2018 for the Family Ministries Leadership Certification. NPUC Family Ministries


director, Delba de Chavez headed the team of presenters: NELM Family and Women’s Ministries director, Josephine Payoyo; NELM Education Superintendent, Josephine Ines, and NELM Communication and Children’s Ministries director, Maureen Mariñas. Topics discussed included Parent Education and Guidance, Human Growth and Development, Family Resource Management, Family Ministries Implementation and Professional Ethics and Human Sexuality. The Certification seminar aimed to equip Family Ministries leaders with a better understanding of their role in the local church and in the nurture of families inside the church and ministry to the families in the community. The leaders who finished Level 1 and Level 2 received pins and certificates from Delba de Chavez at the Completion Ceremony.

Senior Citizen' Fellowship & Organization

More than 200 guests and visitors attended the 5th Regional Senior Citizens’ Convention of Southern Luzon Mission held at the Legazpi Ibalong Conference Room. The gathering was highlighted by testimonies of Adventist elderly members whose lives, according to them, are extended for the reason that God sustained them because they are using their strength and days to witness to others of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus.

The Senior Citizens’ Association Officers of Palawan Adventist Mission visited the District of San Vicente on October 12-13, 2018. The “young at hearts” from the different churches of the district came to Alimanguan SDA Church to receive news and instruction from the Association officers and to organize themselves as a chapter of the Mission-wide Association. Testimonies, Group Sharing, Team building and other activities made the fellowship memorable. Many of the members were grateful for the two- day fellowship and signified that they look forward to more programs in the coming years.

Single's Seminar

The Mindoro-wide Singles’ Seminar on June 23, 2018 at Dalagan Church, Gloria, Oriental Mindoro with Pr. Glenn Lagabon as Resource speaker was attended by almost 200 young single adults. The participants expressed their gratitude for the seminar because it strengthened their faith in God, widened their knowledge on worship, serving and being involved in evangelistic work. The discussion “Ready for Marriage” helped prepare the singles as a future life partner.

B. SERVICE Mass Wedding

Local church leaders and District Pastor George Hilbero conducted Marriage Counseling Sessions for the Adventist couples & Non-Adventist couples in July to August 2018. The sessions culminated in the Mass Wedding Ceremony which was officiated by Pr. Ramil Rey, Family Ministries director of Palawan Adventist Mission on August 12, 2018. It was held at the beachfront of an Adventist member at Sabang, Cabayugan, Puerto Princesa City. After the Mass Wedding Ceremony, seven people accepted Christ as their Savior through baptism.

The news about this event spread like wildfire in the neighborhood and many couples in the community also wanted to undergo marriage counseling and be prepared for another mass wedding ceremony.

Happy Family Bible Seminars

Pastor Bruno and Sylvia Pollito, president and Family Ministries director of the Mountain Provinces Mission, supported by Pastor Andres and Erma Balas held an Evangelistic Crusade that concluded with an Affirmation of Love Ceremony at Tubtuba, Tuba, Abra on May 20-June 2, 2018 . The ceremony was participated by 23 Adventist and non-Adventist couples. Thirteen precious souls accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and were baptized at the end of the evangelistic meetings.

Pr. Neptale and Elizabeth Fofue, Communication and Family Ministries directors of SCLC, together with their children, held three Happy Family Bible Seminars in three different venues that reaped 42 souls for Christ as follows: San Crispin, San Pablo City (4), Bondoc Peninsula 2, Quezon (31), and Los Banos, Laguna (7).

SLM Family Ministries Department supported the NPUC-wide thrust – Philippines for Christ 2018. Thirty four (34) families in the local churches engaged in soul- winning; three SLM office workers’ families also conducted evangelistic meetings.


The church is God’s household – we are members of His family. Just like an earthly family, each person in God’s family is important. We are to grow in Him in all aspects.

It is my prayer that Adventist families in the territory of the North Philippine Union Conference will experience God’s amazing grace and will extend the same to the people they live with, work with, and worship with.

Our beliefs

Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are meant to permeate your whole life. Growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of God, you are invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us whole.

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