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In the image of God

The Department of Women's Ministries exist to uphold, encourage, and challenge Adventist women in their pilgrimage as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His world church.


            Women’s Ministries is to compliment other ministries and to help women become involved in all areas of church life and its mission. Its objective is to help women reach their potential in Christ. When we are deeply connected with Him, He will call us to ministry—some type of service to others. As women become actively involved in ministry, the entire church is blessed. The department exists to serve the needs of the women of the church in the North Philippine Union Conference.


Work in the 1800s

                  While is it true that Women’s Ministries did not become a full department of the General Conference until 1995, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has long recognized the importance of ministering to women, even as far back as the 1800s. Women’s Ministries began in 1898 when Mrs. Sarepta Myrenda Irish Henry, in correspondence with Ellen G. White, outlined “Women’s Ministries”. She was granted a ministerial license from the General Conference and became the first Women’s Ministries Director for the General Conference.

Work in the 1900s

                  In written form, Women’s Ministries activities were not recorded from 1900-1970. The period has been called “the silent years.” The first commission to study the role of women in the church was formed in September 1973 and met at Camp Mohaven in Ohio.

                  In 1990, 35 women, representing various groups, met in Pennsylvania to ask the church to appoint a full-time director of Women’s Ministries at all levels. These directors would identify, assess, and develop strategies to meet women’s needs; generate and disseminate accurate information concerning the role of women in the church; sponsor retreats for the purpose of spiritual nourishment; and direct activities to educate women regarding church governance and policies.

Emergence of the Department

                  The General Conference session in the Utrecht marked a watershed for Women’s Ministries. On July 1995, the session voted full department status to Women’s Ministries. Rose Otis was elected Women’s Ministries Director of the General Conference.

                  Today, Women’s Ministries has become a worldwide ministry with every division/union/conference/mission in the world field. Each division/union/conference/mission has a director who overseas the work of spiritual nurturing, mentoring and training for women.


What it is…

  • Women’s Ministries is a place to address the spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs of women in the church.
  • It encourages women to improve their potential for participation in the mission of the church.
  • It is a support system for hurting women—whether they are suffering from divorce, abuse or simply loneliness.
  • It is a forum to help address topics and issues as they affect the woman.
  • It encourages young women through a scholarship program.
  • It encourages women to become involved in all areas of ministry in their church, their community, and in their home.
  • It mentors young women so that they may find joy in the Lord.
  • Women’s Ministries recognizes that women have many Gifts of the Spirit and it attempts to help women discover and use these gifts to the glory of God.

What it Isn’t…

  • Women’s Ministries is not new. In 1989 Mrs. S.M.I. Henry, with the encouragement of Ellen G. White, headed a church department for women’s ministry. Her death soon after ended the work she began. It wasn’t until 1990 that the Office of Women’s Ministries was once again begun. It became a full church department in 1995.
  • It is not a forum for women who have complaints, justified or not, against employers.
  • It is not a place for women to promote equal right for women, although we admit it is an important issue.
  • It is not a mere source of entertainment or the opportunity to spend endless hours on projects that merely promote selfish ideas.
  • It is not a platform for the ordination of women, although we believe that everyone should use their talents to God’s glory and should receive just recognition for work done for His honor.
  • It is not male bashing. It is anti-sexist, not anti-male.
  • Women’s Ministries is not exclusive. Women’s Ministries wants inclusion, not the exclusion of anyone.

How to be involved:

Women are influential force in the Seventh day Adventist church. When women are ministered to, the family, church, and community receive the benefits of their spiritual strength and their ministry.

             They are involved in a number of ways; through prayers and encouragement; by helping to see that there is an active Women Ministries  program in the church;  by volunteering their talents and leadership abilities, and through their financial support.

 Women’s ministries is also involved in sponsoring and developing a number of programs and activities. Some of these are : International Women’s Day of Prayer ( Every 1st Sabbath in March) ; Women Ministries Emphasis Day (Every 2nd Sabbath of June); Abuse Prevention Emphasis Month (Every 4rth month of August); Literacy programs; Abuse recovery; fellowships; Prayer groups and prayer chain; Small group ministries/ Bible Studies, Church hospitality; Mentoring young girls and women; True love waits; Homes of hopes and Healing ; Leadership training and other Caring Ministries.

There are six critical issues that particularly impact women around the world. These issues are : Illiteracy; abuse ; poverty; Health risks ; work loads; lack of training, mentoring and leadership. As Christians, seeking to follow the example of Jesus, we believe that it is important to do what we can to meet the needs of all people, developing trust, and helping them to find the answers to their needs. For this reason, Women’s Ministries has chosen to focus much of its attention to these challenges.


            All women who desire membership in Women’s Ministries (WM) and who participate in any of its programs or activities will be considered members. The local WM may include as many special interest and ‘ or ministry groups as needed.



Our Mission Statement:

The North Philippine Union Conference Women’s Ministries Department exist to equipt, nurture empower, encourage, and touch the lives of women by the transforming power of Jesus Christ, discipling them to follow His example, and training them to minister to others sharing great truths of God’s Word; and all together be prepared for the Lord’s return.

Our Vision : “To know Jesus passionately and to serve and discipline other women”

Our Theme : “A ministry for Every Woman: Touch a Heart , Tell the World”

Our Motto : “Today’s Woman, Touching Tomorrow’s World”

Method:  “Christ’s method ALONE will give true success in reaching people. The Saviour mingled with (people) as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. THEN He bade them, “follow Me. ” Ministry of Healing, p. 143 and Isaiah 61: 1-3

Our Three Fold Goals:

REACH UP (Nurture) – Growing Spiritually. To help women in their devotional time and personal growth, enabling them to be nurturers in the church and community.

  • Have encouraged women to participate in Revival FASTING & PRAYER “777” meaning 7th day Adventist, pray 7 days a week at 7 a.m. or 7 (individually, by groups, by families. For the WM it is “777+7” 9=7 means pray 7 non – SDA friends)
  • Taught women to have Personal Devotion using either “Walk with God” or“ SOAP” Journaling- make it meaningful and enjoyable with God. (Early  morning is the best time.)
  • Used the “Following the Bible” reading guide; Memorize God’s promises/favorite text; and take time to read SOP books especially; The Great Controversy; Step to Christ; Evangelism; Desire of Ages; Adventist Home, etc.
  • Women have recognized God as the owner of all and that we are His faithful Manager- “ GOD & I PARTNERSHIP” on Body temple, time, treasure and talents.(4T’s)

REACH OUT (Outreach) To increase the involvement of women in soul- winning endeavor through vibrant participation and witnessing events.

  • Women involved in B=B=C evangelism project through Small Groups, by two’s (Bible=Baptism= Conversation).
  • Encouraged women to Combine Ministry & Doctrines (Services; Health services, Feeding children, Story hours, BBS, VBS, God in Shoes, Community Beatification campaign, etc…
  • Conducted Livelihood Trainings- Both inside and outside the church.
  • “Plant a Seed” Ministry & Friendship Evangelism/Text Messaging Ministry-use God’s promises, encouraging and inspiring words that will draw them to know more of Jesus.
  • “2012&2013- Women’s Special Years of Evangelism” (SSD& NPUC Annual Council Minutes) Start ground work in 2001.
  • Continued addressing the 6 challenging issues women face- threats to health, workload; poverty; lack of training; & mentoring abuse, and illiteracy.( Can be done under REACH ACROSS also).
  • Addressed Women’s Health- Mental, Emotional, Physical and impact on Spiritual health:

Examples: Regeneration Small Group Support (tie-up with Health Dept.)

Homes of Hopes and Healing- Involving opening ours homes to neighbors, family and friends gather in fellowship to share HOPE and HEALING for spiritual and emotional nurture. Here friendships among women and formed; hope, healing and encouragements are given; and need are met.

Naturals/Simple Home Remedies, Win Wellness, NEWSTART, CELEBRATIONS.

  • Continued Enditnow campaigns and symposiums.
  • Have established a baptismal goal by Mission/Conference during this advisory based on the statistical report.

REARCH ACROSS (Empower)- To equip women for their activities and

  • 50% of women equipped for ministry by completing the GCWM Leadership Certification Program. (Mission/Conf./Colleges & Universities, Zones/District & Local Churches)
  • Have organized Prayer Groups in churches and or in organization offices.
  • Increased subscription and or translation of “ Adventist Women Today”
  • More Young women mentored through Mentoring Programs/Seminar.
  • Women attended seminars or have read Stewardship materials (with Stewardship Dept.)
  • Conducted Evangelism rallies/Training on Preaching, Friendship Evangelism; Giving Personal Bible studies, How to get decision; Soul- Winning& Discipleship, Visitation ad Reclaiming sisters by WM Dept. with SS/PM Dept. or by district /church Pastors.
  • Churches celebrated the WM THREE SPECIAL CALENDAR EVENTS: March 1st Sabbath: Women’s International Day of Prayer; June 2nd Sabbath: Women’s Emphasis Day & August = 4th Sabbath: Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day.
  •  Encouraged Revival meetings, Retreat, Retention Ministry, Caring Ministry, Prayer Breakfast, Circle of Moms, Strengthening Mother & Daughter Relationship, making the church a safe place. Heart to Heart Ministry which is supportive friendship between older and younger women.
  • Encouraged SDA College/University Junior/graduating lady students to avail the Scholarship grant (one semester only) through the Conf/ Mission, Union , SSD and then to GCWM.



  • Year 2011 – Prayer (Fasting) & Bible Study; planning and promotion for Evangelism and other activities in between. (Do the same every year)
  • Year 2012 & 2013- Women’s Special Years of Evangelism – Prayer and training, and then GO OUT to the community and participate. Ask God  for specific names to be introduced to Jesus.
  • Year 2012- March 5-9 – Philippine Tri –Union Regeneration Training with Health Dept.- Cebu City, GC Guest, SSD WM 7 Health Directors, Union/Mis/Conf Directors as Facilitators, Local Church WM Leadres
  • June 20=23, 2012 – 3rd Phil. Wide WM Convention- Baguio City- Mrs. Small, Mrs. Gulfan, Union/Mis/Conf.WM Directors and Local Church WM Leaders
  • Year 2014- Back to back WM and SI conventions
  1. Division – Wide WM Convention – Bangkok, Thailand July 9-12,2014

“ Women as well as men can engage in the work of hiding the truth where it can work out and be made manifest. They can take their place in the work at this crisis, and the Lord will work through them. If they are imbued with a sense of their duty, and labor, under the influence of the Spirit of God, they will have just the self- possession required for this time. The Saviour will reflect upon these self- sacrificing women the light of His countenance, and this will give them a power that will exceed that of men. They can do in families a work that men cannot do, a work that reaches the inner life. They can come dose to the hearts of those whom men cannot reach. Their work is needed. Discreet and humble women can do a good work in explaining the truth to the people in their homes. The Word of God thus explained will do its leavening work, and through its influence whole families will be converted.”- Testimonies, vol. 9,pp.128-129



Our beliefs

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