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"With Such an Army of Workers as Our Youth"

By David B. Morado

The Youth Ministries department of the North Philippine Union Conference (NPUC) recognized the contribution and participation of young people in leading people to the Lord through the use of their talents and resources. True to the calling God has given: “With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Savior might be carried to the whole world”! (Counsels to Teachers, Parents, and Students p. 555).


The Youth Ministries department supported the Global Youth Day held on March 17, 2018, a yearly program initiative of the Youth Ministries department of the General Conference, where young people and other members of the church participated in distributing tracts, foods, and drinks; doing hospital and house visitations; giving free hugs; taking blood pressure, and offering a prayer to people on the streets, and many more acts of kindness.

In partnership with Area 8 of Central Luzon Conference, the department hosted a special Sabbath service at the covered court of Brgy. Bukid, San Andres, Manila. In the afternoon, young people from nearby churches gathered to share their testimonies about how the GYD’s theme “Be the Sermon” impacted them. They also heard inspirational messages from youth leaders. These activities kicked off the Week of Prayer for young people in the local churches held on March 11-16, 2018.


Determined to revive the Pathfinder ministry in the NPUC territory, the department through the leadership of Pr. David Morado spearheaded a Master Guide Summit at Turublien Beach, San Vicente, Palawan on March 28 – April 1, 2018.

The summit’s objective was to rekindle the servanthood spirit among the attendees. Anchored on the theme, “Faithfulness to Lead, Serve and Guide,” the attendees consisting of 89 Master Guides rallied together in grasping the essence of being called, commissioned, and invested as a Master Guide. Topics are centered on how to organize Pathfinder club among the churches, how to sustain the energy of each organized club, together with providing training and materials in handling the millennials and giving updates on how to do the pass in review. There were also presentations that underscore the conversion of Pathfinder clubs into care groups to support the main thrust of the whole country this year – the Philippines for Christ 2018.

Pr. Jobbie D. Yabut, SSD Director, testified on how he was groomed by the Pathfindering program to be the Youth Ministries leader in Southern Asia-Pacific. He challenged the pastors and teachers in attendance to tend the sheep of Jesus. The program ended with a meaningful bequeathing of pins which strengthened
the brotherly love to the chosen partners and this was sealed by an oath of faithfulness to the ministry through a prayer bond.


The province of Laguna has seven Adventist churches and they are all engaged in the work of preaching the gospel led by their district pastor, Pr. Roosevelt Fortu. Care Groups held six satellite meetings within the months of May and June.

In July, Pr. David Morado, NPUC Youth Ministries Director served as the speaker for the Bible Seminar during the week of reaping campaign in Brgy. San Antonio, Bay, Laguna, preceded by a Health & Bible SeminarconductedbySis.GingandShilohPua. OnJuly 15, 2018, Adventist volunteers participated in a medical mission conducted in the covered court of said barangay. Almost 600 patients received medical services. Praise God for the 25 new believers who accepted Christ as their personal Savior!


On July 31 – August 4, 2018, 1,600 youth leaders from around the world gathered in Kassel, Germany for the Global Youth Leaders Congress (GYLC). With the theme, “Pass It On,” the event aimed to equip, empower, and engage a generation of Spirit-filled leaders to pass on the legacy of Reformation.

The congress focused on the global, communal, spiritual, creative, and contextual aspects. The global nature of the Adventist Church is always something to be celebrated. The composition of attendees from all corners of the world depicted the global oneness of the Seventh-day Adventism. In spite of the global nature of the event, participants became aware that they were not entirely different from one another; Adventism was the umbrella under which all these cultures could meet, talk, commune, eat, pray, and sing together.

In the congress, participants were encouraged to reflect, share, and pray by twos while making commitments according to the message of each devotional. In addition, there was a prayer and counseling room where participants could go to at any time of the day. There was also a specific morning prayer called “Give Him 20,” during which participants joined in fellowship and intercession for the global church.

The GLYC was also an arena for the display of creativity. With this, one could easily conclude that creativity runs in the blood of Adventist youth leaders!

Pr. David Asscherick, the evening devotional speaker, encouraged youth leaders to trace their identity in Christ. If this type of picture of God is preached and lived in different contexts, languages, and cultures when the youth leaders get back to their local churches, it will generate a revolutionary platform for an incarnational witness that serves as a catalyst for bringing people to Christ.


PalawanAdventistMissioncelebratedtheWorld Pathfinder Day on September 15, 2018. Puerto Princesa SDA Central Church hosted the event through the Master Guides, with the participation of Palawan Adventist School Elementary and Junior High School students.

Pr. Morado graced the event and in his commitment message, he made a strong appeal to all participants
to commit themselves to serving the Lord in different capacities. One highlight of the affair was the Investiture ceremony for 40 Master Guides composed of teachers, AMiCUS, young professionals, and youth pastors.


Nearly 200 students from seven different chapters of AMiCUS all over Palawan mainland gathered for a Sabbath fellowship on September 28, 2018. The event was graced with the presence of some AY Directors namely, Pr. Jobbie D. Yabut from SSD, Pr. David B. Morado from NPUC, Pr. Zaldy P. Estrada from SCLC, Pr. Renante Bareja of SLM, and Pr. Val San Pedro of PAM. They gave lectures and inspiring messages that reminded the attendees of their mission in sharing God's love to other people, especially in their respective campuses.

On October 3, 2018, the PAM AMiCUS Association (PAMiCUSA) rendered their ministry in Palawan State University campus where they gave tracts, made a “pray-dom” wall where anyone could write their prayer requests, and they sang and prayed for other students, staff, and teachers. The PCM Fellowship inspired the AMiCUSA to have a continuous commitment and involvement in the ministry.

With all the dedication and accomplishments of our young people, we praise the Lord. “He well knows that there is no other class that can do as much good as young men and young women who are consecrated to God (Messages to Young People, p. 204). 

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